Gia Sanrio

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Basic Info:

Birthdate: November 15th

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

      Hi, I'm Gia!  Anime first started taking over my life in middle school.  One night, I was staying up late watching TV when Adult Swim had it's parents strongly caution message, and I thought, "What's this?!"  And out of curiosity, I watched my first episode of Inuyasha.  I was intrigued, and I made sure that the following Saturday at 11pm I would be right here in my bed to catch what happened next.  This went on for awhile, until they moved it to week nights at 3AM.  I stayed up late and went to school sleepy each day, just so I could see what happened next with Kagome and the gang.  Shortly after that, I became attached to Toonami's afternoon line-up, and I started skipping soccer practice so that I could follow Goku, Yusuke, and Kenshin.

      But eventually, Toonami was discontinued, and I started High School, and I'd forgotten about anime.  But once I got to college, I rediscovered it.  One afternoon, when I was studying, I heard my freshman roommate start up an episode of Inuyasha.  I remembered how hooked on that show I was and realized that I never saw the ending, so I pulled up a chair and watched it with her.  From then on, after studying, we would jump on Hulu and watch as many episodes as we could until we'd finished the series.  After that, I began wondering what happened to Yusuke after Yuyu Hakusho was taken off Toonami, and then I wondered what happened on Rurouni Kenshin.  And once I finished those series, I couldn't be stopped.  I met new friends who have introduced me to tons of different anime, and over the years my love for anime has only grown.  I cosplayed for the first time during the summer after I completed my undergraduate degree at the university, but it will always be about the love of the characters and the love of the series to me.  I appreciate old school anime as well as newly released series, I enjoy shonen and shojo genres, and I follow along with strong fighters while laughing along with yandere, dandere, and tsundere characters.  One day, I may no longer cosplay.  But you can bet that I will always be trying to finish an entire series in a weekend, just like I always do.

My Current Anime Top 10

1) Yuyu Hakusho

2) Stein's Gate

3) Erased/Boku dake ga Inai Mach

4) Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks

5) Another

6) Angel Beats

7) Mirai Nikki

8) High School DxD

9) No Game No Life

10) Parasyte the Maxim

Ongoing Series that I Am Currently Following Weekly:
1) My Hero Academia

2) Steins;Gate 0

3) High School DxD Hero

4) Darling in the FRANXX

And I should mention that I am always taking recommendations, if you would like to recommend me your favorite series!