Gia Sanrio

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Wizard World Philadelphia 2019 (Pending confirmation)

Otakon 2019 (Pending confirmation)


Comin Con Philadelphia 2013

Monster Mania Con 2013

Katsucon 2014

Comic Con Philadelphia 2014

Otakon 2014

RetroCon 2014

Katsucon 2015

Comic Con Philadelphia 2015

Otakon 2015

J1con 2016 (Guest)

Marble City Comic Con 2017

Fanboy Expo Knoxville 2017

Colorado Springs Comic Con 2017

New York Comic Con 2017

Preston & Steve 2018 Calendar Reveal/Miss June (On Air on 93.3 WMMR)

Preston & Steve 2018 Calendar Release Party and Signing

Preston & Steve 2018 Calendar Girl Signing at Camp Out for Hunger (Nov 27)

Greater Philadelphia Comic Con 2018

Classic Harley Davidson Dealership (Calendar Signing)

Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2018

Otakon 2018

J1 Anime Con 2018 (Guest)

Union Tap, Flanigan's Boathouse (Bud Light Girl)

Varga Bar Pin-Up Calendar Release Party 2019/Miss December Reveal

Notable Prints and Features

Word of the Nerd Interview and Feature (Website)

Philly's Hottest Cosplay Girl Winner Photoshoot on Preston & Steve show (Website)

Mr-Herp-Derp's Deviantart (Photo)

Maze Studios (Video)

Ichiro Photography (Photo, Photo)

Tarou Studios (Photo)

Billy Whitfield (Photo, Photo)

D-Leqacy (Photo, Photo)

Tyler Brown (Photo)

Anas Aftab (Photo)

Stefani Scheck (Photo)

Jonathon Norris (Photo, Photo, Photo)

Robert Darrien (Photo, Photo, Photo)

ConTV (Photo, Photo)

Club Jimay (Video)

Low End Theory (Photo)

LaineyCat Cosplay (Photo, Photo, Photo)

Jorge Arroyo Alfaro Photography (Photo)

Stuckey Media (Photo)

2014 and Earlier

Eleventh Photograph (Photo, Photo)

PHL17 (Photo)

Ichiro Photography (Photo, Photo)

Keo Arts (Photo, Photo, Photo)

Salk City Photography (Photo, Photo)

Keo Arts (Photo)

The Fan's POV Videos (One and Two and Three)

Frasbob (Photo, Photo, Photo, Photo)

Steve Goodman Photography (Photo, Photo)

Video Game Stupid Photography on World of Cosplay (Photo)

Otakon CMV (Video)

Richard Bradford (Photo)

Nerd Caliber at Otakon (Here)

Robert Spellman Photo (Photo)

Nyotaku (Photo)

D-Leqacy Photo (Photo)

Superhero Hype (Photo)

Brian Shoff Photography (

Philadelphia Comic Con 2013 Eventbook Volume 1 (Photo)

Courier Post 8/19 (Photo)

ConCulCos (Photo)

Kuukuuom Rafael Omoi (Photo)

Wade Rittler (Photo)

Mimiksan (Photo)